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What I Do

Security Camera Installation

A must-have for any brick and mortar. Protect your home or your business with discreet, around the clock surveillance that can be viewed months later, or streamed live on your mobile device.

IT Management

On-going support available for commercial clients. Keep your network up and running. Improve efficiency, minimize downtime, maximize profit. Free yourself from monotonous troubleshooting so you can focus your attention on more pressing matters.

Network Security & Optimization

Master your own home network. If you haven't touched your router or residential gateway since it was setup by Comcast or AT&T - your home network is not secure, and your WiFi speeds are probably not reaching their full potential. Did you know most leased routers have major security flaws built-in?Don't wait to patch up those security flaws!

With all of my work - I prefer not to just come in and fix things and then leave. I want you to have a better understanding of your own network so you're confident in your home's security and you're getting technology to work better for you, not against you. Be the master of your domain in every sense of the phrase!

Perfect Your Presence

Who you are online is just as important as who you are offline.  Perceptions and first impressions are everything. Make sure you're portraying yourself the way you see yourself. Get the best version of you in front of the right people. I know how to grow audiences, both for large corporations and individuals alike. Let me coach you and teach you best practices for always looking your digital best.

Hate your website? Don't! I offer easy and affordable web design with premium features and functionality.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Data is precious. Seeing someone lose family photos, rare pieces of music or videos, is heart-wrenching. Don't let it happen to you!

Step #1: Understand that ALL HARD DRIVES FAIL.

Step #2: Be prepared for when they do.

Let's backup your files pronto! Not just once, but twice, three times, whatever it takes to be sure you won't suffer data loss. Store it in the cloud and on an external drive. Securely protect your most cherished possessions by duplicating them and stashing them in multiple locations.

Operating System (OS) Overhaul

If you're still running Windows XP, it's way past time for you to upgrade. Not just because guys like me are trying to make money, but because it's not safe. Let's slip your computer into something more comfortable, like Windows 7 or 10 (STAY AWAY FROM EVERY VERSION OF WINDOWS IN-BETWEEN). Or maybe you're feeling adventurous and want to try Linux.

If your system is running slow, it's probably a good time to start fresh and reinstall your OS. Get everything backed up first, and make sure your applications will still run. Missing a driver?  I'll hunt it down and get your computer humming along.

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Component Replacement & Upgrades

 There's a diverse set of hardware I'm well-suited to fix. It includes audio and video components (home stereos, HDTVs, cameras) as well as computer components. ALL of the work I perform is insured. I've never needed it, but it's there to provide peace of mind for you.

A good example of a highly recommended service I provide is swapping out your old mechanical drive for a solid state drive. It provides an ENORMOUS performance boost to your desktop or laptop. Boot your system in seconds instead of minutes. Use multiple applications simultaneously, and seamlessly. Or maybe you'd like to add a hard drive in place of a seldom used optical (CD/DVD) drive. There are too many things I enjoy doing with hardware to list them all here, so don't hesitate to ask!

Computer & Network Setup

Okay, if buying new gear is my favorite part of my job, unboxing newly purchased gear is a close second. No, wait! I really really enjoy getting the most out of old and antiquated gear too! 

If you're daunted by a recent purchase or fear setting up your new expensive device, let me help. There's a good chance I've done it before (and I'll freely disclose if I haven't;). 

Or maybe you're just not getting enough speed out of your router. I can maximize it's potential.

All you have to do is tell me about the problem, and I'll tell you how I can help.

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