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The Case for Crypto - Your FOMO is Valid

The following is an excerpt written for a new website and business venture - Magnum ICO. I fully support investing in cryptocurrency, right down to the code that makes it run. Bitcoin is here to stay. There's risk involved. There are also huge payoffs involved. Any questions feel free to direct them to To great fortune and forever happiness! - D.R.


I'm not sure what else anyone would need to see to be interested in cryptocurrency investing. We've been squawking about Bitcoin to anyone who would listen for a solid two years now. If any of our family members would've listened over thanksgiving when we were running our mouths about it then....they would've doubled their money.

STOP SAYING "NO" AND WATCHING CRAZY, EMPIRICALLY PROVEN OPPORTUNITIES BLOW PAST YOU! WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO LIVE WITH OURSELVES. CAN YOU? We first bought Bitcoin about 7 years ago. Actually, one of us (too ashamed to say who) bought 15 bitcoins for a little over $ years ago. Over 15 whole BTC was frittered away on gross "Darknet Roast" and the Mt.Gox collapse. At the time, it felt like a rip. Today, seven years later, that $20 investment would be worth over $20,000. Normally, in such situations, people say to themselves "oh! If only I knew then what I know now!" But right here, right now, me, my partners and you are getting a rare second chance.

Don't get caught up in near-sighted price drops. Look at the big picture.

BITCOIN IS A SMALL PIECE OF A MUCH BIGGER PICTURE. Cryptocurrencies are based on Blockchain Technology. Blockchain Technology is the next big thing in tech, which means it's the next big thing in the universe, since tech drives just about everything these days. Too simply put, us, and everyone who knows anything about tech can tell you that Blockchain will redesign the entire internet. It will change everything about computing. This is no small development. Take that monumental shift and slam it head first into another colosoul change - the democratization of early startup, venture capitalist-style funding. Until very recently, investing in early startups was a cash bonanza only rich people could enjoy. Now, initial coin offerings (ICOs) are making everyday people rich overnight.

We are those everyday people, and we're just getting warmed up.

We carefully research and rate every coin on our list according to highest probability of delivering largest return on your investment.

But we're not going to get rich ON you, we're going to get rich WITH you. We're investing in the same companies as you. And if you're smart and using our referral codes, you'll be part of our bonus binary trees - which gives you even moreROI on top of the 20, 40, 3000X return you can see on an ICO.

If it's not on Magnum ICO, it's not in our portfolio! (New startup? Apply for a spot on the Magnum ICO list!).

It's not too good to be true, but it's too good to last forever. If you're going to catch this wave you've gotta get up RIGHT NOW. We don't get many chances in life. Now is the time. This wave is ours.

Catch you on the flip coin side my friends!'s gonna be sooooooooo sweeeeeeettttt! - Dr. Crypt Coin

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