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Technology & Marketing Consultant

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Software should never be hard.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data is precious. Seeing someone lose family photos, rare pieces of music or videos, is heart-wrenching. Don't let it happen to you!

Step #1: Understand that ALL HARD DRIVES FAIL.

Step #2: Be prepared for when they do.

Let's backup your files pronto! Not just once, but twice, three times, whatever it takes to be sure you won't suffer data loss. Store it in the cloud and on an external drive. Securely protect your most cherished possessions by duplicating them and stashing them in multiple locations.

Application Tutorials

Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro - some software titles are becoming a part of our everyday lives, and they're absolutely essential to living a happy digital life. I know these programs inside and out, and I can help you get the most efficient use out of them.

My expertise extends to web applications. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,...you name it, I can answer your questions as fast as you can ask them.

Operating System (OS) Overhaul

If you're still running Windows XP, it's way past time for you to upgrade. Not just because guys like me are trying to make money, but because it's not safe. Let's slip your computer into something more comfortable, like Windows 7 or 10 (STAY AWAY FROM EVERY VERSION OF WINDOWS IN-BETWEEN). Or maybe you're feeling adventurous and want to try Linux.

If your system is running slow, it's probably a good time to start fresh and reinstall your OS. Get everything backed up first, and make sure your applications will still run. Missing a driver?  I'll hunt it down and get your computer humming along.

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