Dan Rubin

Technology & Marketing Consultant

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area

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Let's turn hardware into easyware.

Component Replacement & Upgrades

 There's a diverse set of hardware I'm well-suited to fix. It includes audio and video components (home stereos, HDTVs, cameras) as well as computer components. ALL of the work I perform is insured. I've never needed it, but it's there to provide peace of mind for you.

A good example of a highly recommended service I provide is swapping out your old mechanical drive for a solid state drive. It provides an ENORMOUS performance boost to your desktop or laptop. Boot your system in seconds instead of minutes. Use multiple applications simultaneously, and seamlessly. Or maybe you'd like to add a hard drive in place of a seldom used optical (CD/DVD) drive. There are too many things I enjoy doing with hardware to list them all here, so don't hesitate to ask!

New Hardware Investment

One of my favorite services to provide, which is why I'm usually happy to provide equipment purchase advice for free. I thoroughly enjoy reading the latest component reviews, trade show takeaways, and emerging technology breakdowns. Always knowing, not only what the latest and greatest is, but also familiarity with good and stable value options, makes me the right person to turn to when you're thinking about upgrading your router, your phone, your keyboard...anything! Not only do I know what your options are, I know the places to buy them at lower prices.

Computer & Network Setup

Okay, if buying new gear is my favorite part of my job, unboxing newly purchased gear is a close second. No, wait! I really really enjoy getting the most out of old and antiquated gear too! 

If you're daunted by a recent purchase or fear setting up your new expensive device, let me help. There's a good chance I've done it before (and I'll freely disclose if I haven't;). 

Or maybe you're just not getting enough speed out of your router. I can maximize it's potential.

All you have to do is tell me about the problem, and I'll tell you how I can help.

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